” The Brussels-based rapper Badi is one of the names that is championing the sound in Belgium. On his new single, the rapper combines his hard-hitting flow with a contemporary Afrobeat sound, produced by Boddhi Satva. “

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On this new track, Badi mixes his caustic lyrics with contemporary Afrobeat rhythms and an avant-garde electro-house sound, “Ancestral Soul”, produced by the talented Boddhi Satva.

Badi personifies the influence of the African diaspora in today’s pop culture by choosing to draw inspiration from the public figure of Virgil Abloh, iconic Ghanaian-American designer and artistic director of a French haute couture house.
Badi and Boddhi Satva chose to shoot the video clip at the Bushman Café, an emblematic establishment in the Ivorian capital, and during La Sunday, an infamous party in Abidjan, under the gaze of the photographer From Abidjan with styling by Young Nouchi.


Virgil Abloh is the first ever release on Batakari, a brand new collaborative imprint from Boddhi Satva and BBE Music founder Peter Adarkwah.